For Learning AROMA LIFT (R)


Would you like to be an AROMA LIFT® therapist, too?

Would you like to be an AROMA LIFT® therapist, too?

What you need is just take 2 hours course of AROMA LIFT® Therapist course.

Just after you take this course, you can do it safely and easily.

What’s more, you can feel the effectiveness immediately during the course!


Would you like to learn the latest aroma massage technique,

For yourself, family, friends, and for your business?

If you are interested, find the class from the list of certificated instructor.
To see the  AROMA LIFT ® Certificated Instructors
To see the Schedule of the AROMA LIFT® Therapist course
Lecture hours: approx.2-3 hours.
practice/ theory Fee: 12,000JPY 400MYR 160SGD 3,500TWD 900HKD
This Course teaches the treatment skill of the AROMA LIFT® full version, for personal and family use and to add your salon menu to provide to your customers.
**Official Diploma will be issued as a Therapist.
AROMA LIFT ® Class Calendar
This course is held only at the Un mot doux Kobe Japan by Miyuki.
Lecture hours: approx.4-5 hours. practice/ theory/hand in 3 clinical records.
Tuition fee: 38,000JPY
**This course is offered only for those who has took the Therapist course already. This course instruct the ability to open the AROMA LIFT® Therapist Course.